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Kivi is an AdTech Video content platform that offers cutting-edge advertising solutions to international brands and agencies in several verticals around the globe.

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    Our Technology

    Simple concept optimized to perfection.
    Kivi's own AdExchange Platform is tailored made for video performance.

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    anti fraud tech

    Kivi's partnership with Pixalate® results in a pre-bid antifraud detection and filtering before being available for bidding.

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    cookieless data

    Kivi's partership with Lotame® allows our advertisers to target users seamlessly in a cookieless enviroment.

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    Kivi algorithm uses data from each interaction to optimize media buying & suggest new placements & similar pubs.

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    brand safety

    Each associated publisher with Kivi is hand picked and validated across serveral brand safety and anti fraud filters before beign able to connect with our adevertisers.

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    AMP Friendly

    Kivi's placements and technology is 100% AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) friendly.


Green Inventory

Your Campaign can save the world.

"Content is a key part of driving action to solve climate change but it lacks the reach and scale to make a difference".

GREEN INVENTORY is a video marketplace that connects environmentally-conscious content creators with publishers and advertisers.

It was designed to create a continuous cycle of support for content creators that focus on climate awareness, amplifying that through respected publishers, and to make it easier for brands to dedicate their programmatic investments to this important cause.

Kivi Dynamic Studio

Kivi dynamic studio allows advertisers to contextualize their creative strategy by dynamically changing the message & creative elements according to weather conditions, time of day, geo location or technology, DMP Data, Audience, Retargeting and Ad-hoc formulas.


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